Mayo Clinic medical networks

One of the advantages of our medical plans is access to the Mayo Clinic, hospital and providers. Under the Triple Choice Plan, each provider may be placed into a different tier by the two networks—Blue Cross Blue Shield or UnitedHealthcare. Here's what you need to understand about this coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield 

The Blue Cross Blue Shield network offers all providers in the Mayo Clinic health system in Tier 1 for the TCP Plan. Similarly, all providers in the Mayo system are in-network on the High Deductible Health Plan. The Mayo Clinic health system includes multi-specialty community clinics, physicians, durable medical equipment suppliers, general acute care hospitals and transplant centers.

Some Mayo Clinic physicians have elected not to be shown in the directory and will not appear in a provider search. Most elect not to be shown because they may not be accepting new patients or just want to be assigned patients by the clinic instead of members requesting the provider. These providers are still considered Tier 1 providers. 


All Mayo Clinic providers are in-network for the Triple Choice Plan and for the High Deductible Health Plan. However, not all providers are Tier 1 for the TCP.  UHC evaluates physicians individually. Services under the TCP will be processed based on the individual Mayo provider’s tier as indicated on UHC’s website, and will not automatically fall under Tier 1 as was previously communicated. 

General tier information - not Mayo specific

Tier 1 providers and facilities 

These in-network providers and facilities are always considered Tier 1 for both networks:

  • Ambulance services.
  • Behavioral health, mental health and substance abuse services
  • Chiropractors.
  • Emergency room.
  • General acute care hospitals in Arizona.
  • Surgery services that require the use of a Centers of Excellence, UHC, or BlueDistinction Specialty Care, BCBSAZ.
  • Telehealth services or virtual visit providers including Doctor on Demand, Amwell, Teladoc and BlueCare Anywhere.

The websites for both networks show the proper tier status for each provider. If a provider is in Tier 1, the status will not change throughout the calendar year. If during the calendar year, a Tier 2 provider meets the qualifications to become a Tier 1 provider, the status can be updated midyear. 

Both UHC and BCBS have nationwide networks of providers. UHC has designated Tier 1 providers throughout their network. BCBS providers may not have a Tier 1 designation outside of Arizona. If you are looking for a Tier 1 provider for BCBS outside of Arizona, please look for the BlueDistinction Center + symbol as an indicator of the Tier 1 status.

Use the following custom websites and phone numbers for our plans to find a provider:

Blue Cross Blue Shield  or 866-287-1980
UnitedHealthcare or 800-896-1067


Arizona State University is pleased to partner with Mayo Clinic to bring its employees options for in-network access to Mayo Clinic’s integrated medical expert teams.

You and your dependents can receive the very best health care from some of the nation’s leading physicians at Mayo Clinic who are contracted with all medical networks – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and United Healthcare. Mayo Clinic and ASU have developed a strong collaborative partnership over the past several years, working together on a wide range of joint initiatives, including:

  • An ASU Nursing program on Mayo Clinic’s Phoenix campus.
  • Dual degree programs, including M.D., J.D., M.D., MBA and bioinformatics
  • Multiple collaborative research projects

Mayo Clinic is known for its unique, integrated approach, with physicians working together as a team on behalf of patients and their families. Since expanding to Arizona in 1987, Mayo Clinic evolved into the Valley’s premier academic medical center, serving over 100,000 patients each year. Mayo delivers healthcare services in more than 65 medical and surgical specialties, including nationally recognized cancer treatment and organ transplantation programs.

Mayo also has outstanding programs in medical education and research, including clinical trials led by world-class Mayo Clinic investigators that allow eligible participants access to new research treatments in addition to playing an active role in their own healthcare. Mayo Clinic has several facilities located throughout the valley. 

Visit the Mayo Clinic for more information.


Call 480-301-8484 or 800-446-2279.

Request an appointment online.
In some cases, your insurance plan will require a physician referral.


Mayo Clinic Family Medicine | Thunderbird

92nd St. and Thunderbird

  • Cardiac rehab.
  • Newborn and pediatric care.
  • Obstetrical care.
  • Primary care.
  • Women’s health, internal medicine

Mayo Clinic Family Medicine | Arrowhead at 75th and Glendale avenues

  • Anticoagulation monitoring.
  • Laboratory.
  • Newborn and pediatric care.
  • Primary care.
  • X-rays.

Mayo Clinic | Phoenix campus at 56th Street and Mayo Boulevard.

  • Mayo Clinic Hospital, inpatient care.
  • Mayo Clinic Specialty Building, outpatient.

Mayo Clinic | Scottsdale campus at 134th Street and Shea Boulevard.

  • Mayo Clinic Building – outpatient specialty care
  • 240 exam rooms, pharmacy

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