President's Award for Innovation

At Arizona State University, our employees are creating dramatic, positive change. We value innovative contributions and recognize staff and faculty who have re-imagined their roles and developed creative and inspiring higher education projects and programs.

The President’s Award for Innovation provides formal recognition to ASU faculty and staff who have worked as teams that have made significant contributions to ASU and higher education through the creation, development and implementation of innovative projects, programs, initiatives, services and techniques. The innovation might be socially motivated, economically motivated, artistically motivated, intellectually motivated or you name it.    

Win an award
The award application provides detailed information and instructions about the process. 2020 submissions are now closed. Contact us if you have questions or need assistance with your application. 

President’s Awards Workshop 

The workshop provides tips about organizing and writing submissions in a manner that best represents team and project efforts. Shelly Potts and Alison Cook-Davis of the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness will conduct a workshop about measuring and reporting results. You will learn how to present your information in a concise, clear manner that makes it easy for award examiners to review your submission against the award criteria. All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop. Visit Career EDGE to register for the January and February workshops.  

Innovation award recipients


ASU Law and Behavioral Science Initiative brings together scholars and students from across ASU whose research interests are at the intersection of law and psychology, an area that has broad appeal and exciting potential for real-world impact.


iTeachELLs Teacher Quality Partnership Grant Project prepares educators to teach diverse learners by integrating STEM, literacy, and language to prepare all teachers to work with English language learners. 


Rapid Launch Master’s Programs is an innovative and efficient process implemented by the ASU Law New Education Initiatives team.


The Bridge: Chemical Purchase Management and Compliance Integration is an automated system for chemical purchase information that allows ASU’s research programs to be agile, efficient, accurate and scalable. 

Global Freshman Academy is a program where learners can earn university credit after successfully completing online immersion courses hosted on the edX platform.