Homelessness near ASU


“Arizona State University takes fundamental responsibility for the communities we serve. The challenge of homelessness is one that is shared throughout the region and which all public institutions must come together to address.”

-ASU President Michael Crow

Our response

ASU works closely with neighboring communities to address homelessness near our campuses.

ASU funds two outreach specialists on the City of Tempe’s HOPE (Homeless Outreach Program Effort) team, which provides services to those experiencing homelessness. The team connects individuals and families to shelter, housing solutions and resources that can help end their homelessness. The HOPE team conducts outreach 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and works closely with the ASU Police Department.

ASU PD is also piloting a Community Outreach Officer initiative, dedicating a selected patrol officer to work directly with the three CBI Navigators across all campuses by coordinating the collective efforts and experiences of the Navigators and the entire Patrol Operations Division.

If a person is committing a crime or posing a threat, ASU PD will take legal action.  If a person is seeking shelter or other assistance, officers will work to connect them to available services.

ASU PD does issue trespassing citations to repeat offenders. If a person is within a residence hall or in restricted areas, there is a zero-tolerance approach, and they will be arrested.

Homeless solutions - Tempe

The City of Tempe continues to enhance its Homeless Solutions and in 2022, launched several new tools for the community:

  • Anyone can call the CARE & HOPE Line to assist those in crisis or experiencing homelessness, or get help for themselves. Specialists are available 24/7 at (480) 350-8004.
  • The community can report encampments that need to be addressed through the city’s Encampment Reporting form
  • A public dashboard tracks weekly outreach and engagement, available shelter space, those assisted with housing solutions and more.
  • Learn more about healthy giving though the City of Tempe's "Real change, not spare change" campaign.

Community Bridges - Phoenix

ASU PD works with Community Bridges Inc., an addiction and behavioral health treatment center, to help connect homeless individuals near our downtown Phoenix campus to a shelter or facility that can provide needed services.

Through this partnership, ASU PD was awarded a grant to add two CBI Navigators for ASU PD to assist in providing outreach across all ASU campuses, in addition to an existing CBI Navigator already dedicated to the Downtown Phoenix campus. That position is funded by the President’s Office.

For more information, or to reach out for yourself or an individual in need, call the 24/7 Access to Care line at 877-931-9142.

Learn more about efforts underway in Phoenix: