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Advantage Help & Training

Advantage Help and Training

Advantage Helpline Request Access Advantage Training

Phone: 480.965.2334
Fax: 480.965.2625

Business Hours:
8 AM - 5 PM

Vendor Set-up & Payment
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To request an Advantage id, please visit and complete the online
request form.

1. Log-in using your ASURITE user ID and password

2. Select the bullet: Administrative Access Requests (Advantage, DARSweb, EZAppt Advisor, SAAR)

3. Select number three: Request for Advantage
Financial System Access

Advantage Profiles:

View a list of profiles and the training required for each one.

Org Managers and/or Authorized Signers
on an account also must complete an
Advantage Form A
for each applicable account.

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Contact Responsibility Phone
Dave Pendley Office Specialist, Senior 480.965.2334
Peggy Arenz Office Specialist 480.965.2334
Wujian Bichanich Systems Analyst Senior 480.965.1915