Financial controls

Financial certification

Transparency in government promotes accountability and provides information to the public. At ASU, accountability is the responsibility of any employee who authorizes or conducts a transaction, enters or approves data into the financial system, reconciles accounts or works on budgets or reports on financial data.

To assess the status of financial and internal control responsibilities in ASU’s decentralized environment, we have developed content to support executive management’s assurances made to external auditors. The certification form below is mandatory for all financial administrators in Dean’s or Vice President’s offices, replacing the cash attestation and supplemental disclosure requirements from prior years. The deadline for complying with fiscal year reporting requirements is Aug. 31.

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Internal control questionnaires

All of these ICQs are compilations of other questionnaires from various sources, including the Association of College and University Auditors, the Auditor General’s office of Arizona and other universities throughout the country.

Not all of these ICQs apply to each department. When completing the ICQs, answering no to a question may be okay, as long as there are other compensating controls present or if the cost of the control exceeds the benefit.


We want you to think of the Financial Controls division as a source of information for helping your department operate in step with the New American University. We have provided some resources for ASU business administrators to use as they see fit. These include general control questionnaires that relate to various business functions of any department. Some may apply only to departments with certain activities. These can be found in the Internal Control Questionnaires tab. After you complete any ICQs relevant to your department, we can provide any guidance or training in based on your results.






Lisa Neeley

Associate Director

Financial Controls



The Arizona Board of Regents established a policy on internal controls which states all ASU employees are responsible for understanding and following sound practices with respect to ASU financial transactions and assets.

Training modules:

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If you have questions or concerns about particular departmental financial processes or procedures at ASU, call 480-727-8465. Financial Controls can come to your department, business unit, school or college to consult and review current processes and procedures.