Financial certification

Financial certification

As part of the annual financial audit process, key university administrators must provide external auditors with certain assurances and representations regarding the completeness of the university’s financial data and the effectiveness of the internal control structure.

The financial certification statement was developed to support the assurances made to the university’s external auditors. Because aspects of the university’s decision-making and financial operations are decentralized, the head of each school, college and vice president’s unit has been delegated the authority to make specific strategic, operating and business decisions necessary to manage their area effectively. Business officers within each area are charged with carrying out these decisions following university and Arizona Board of Regents policies and applicable state and federal laws and regulations. ASU’s financial integrity depends on financial reporting and monitoring controls at the school, college, and vice president unit levels.

All employees must know the policies and procedures for their functional responsibilities and be provided with the appropriate training to meet job expectations. While this might serve as a valuable refresher for employees who have been at ASU for several years, new employees are expected to be trained on all policies applicable to their duties. The format of this certification is designed to evaluate each area’s success in providing these resources to their employees as they relate to financial functions and to provide feedback where additional knowledge and training may be required.

ASU implemented this certification process to clarify each college and vice president unit’s accountability for financial reporting and underlying internal controls. The dean of each school or college, senior business officer of that area and vice president within each administrative area should review and sign this certification.

The certification form below is mandatory for all financial administrators in the dean’s or vice president’s offices. The deadline for complying with fiscal year reporting requirements is Aug. 31.

  • Policy resource information. Further review of the various policy manuals may be warranted when completing this certification, or if questions arise in regular departmental operations.