EHS Assistant

Environmental Health Safety Assistant is a comprehensive EHS online database for ASU community educators, researchers and staff. As a single repository of safety data, EHSA functions as a compliance and information tool to perform certain job functions such as:

  • Manage chemical inventories.

  • Register a laboratory.

  • Register chemical storage space.

  • Submit hazardous waste pickup request.

  • Waste requests.

Log in with your ASURite ID and password. The EHSA web application makes it easy to perform basic tasks such as requesting a hazardous waste pickup. You do not need to request access for these tasks.

Log in

To perform advanced tasks, EHSA users must request access as a principle investigator, supervisor, or an individual authorized by a PI/supervisor to access EHSA on their behalf. To request access to EHS Assistant please submit an EHS Assistant Access Request. After submitting the request, EHS will receive and approve your access to EHS Assistant.

Note: Individuals who want to register laboratory/space:

  1. Login to EHSA and select manage my account.

  2. Select PI, then choose responsible party information under questionnaire. If the space has been registered in the past, choose the correct space from the list and fill in the requested information.

  3. If you would like to receive training on using EHSA, please contact EHS.