ASRS enrollment

Faculty, academic professionals, administrators and university staff category 02, 03, 04 and 05

You will need to complete the online enrollment process outlined below within 30 days of your hire or eligibility date.  

  1. Log in to My ASU. 
  2. Select the Mandatory Retirement Election link in your To-Do list. You’ll automatically be directed to the mandatory retirement microsite, and a new browser will open. 
  3. Read and agree to the terms of use. 
  4. Read the overview and click on Get Started.   
  5. Select the radio button to participate in the Arizona State Retirement System. 
  6. Acknowledge and confirm your choice. Once you complete these steps, you cannot re-enter the microsite. 
  7. Complete the ASRS online registration process as outlined below.    

All employees enrolled in the Arizona State Retirement System

Online registration instructions

Complete this step as soon as possible to ensure contributions deducted from your paycheck are correctly applied to your ASRS retirement account, even if you already have an account with another ASRS employer.

  1. Visit ASRS online registration.
  2. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Enter your last name, social security number, date of birth and ASU's enrollment code: 2C700039.
  4. Follow the remaining screen prompts. 

Registration gives you access to the following personal information in the ASRS system:

  • Beneficiary information.
  • Latest account statements.
  • Personalized benefit estimates.
  • Electronic communications from the ASRS.

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