Working after retirement

Under the IRS regulations that govern all tax-deferred retirement plans, there can be no oral, written or implied agreement to work after retirement made before your retirement date. Before you retire, please ensure that you understand the post-retirement employment requirements for your specific retirement plan.

Important: Compliance is required to protect the tax-deferred status of the retirement plans. Review plan withdrawals rules for mandatory and voluntary retirement plans. Ask HR if you have any questions.

Retirement plan The period between retirement and rehire.  Plan rules
Arizona State Retirement System  One full pay period and compliance with ASRS rules  ASRS plan rules 
Optional Retirement Plan 

Faculty and academic professionals: One full semester.

Staff: 90 days. 

ORP guidelines 
ORP phased retirement program 
Public Safety Personnel Retirement System 60 days or one year, plus compliance with PSPRS rules.  PSPRS plan rules 

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