Become an EHS Compliance Officer

What is a CO?

Thank you for your interest in the Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Officer Program. Chairs, deans, directors or provosts delegate COs the authority to promote safety and compliance in colleges, departments and schools.

They are the primary resource for safety-related information and distribute important compliance updates. 

Why volunteer?
Arizona State University models environmental health and safety quality. A critical component in this level of quality is the CO Program.

Benefits of service

  • Actively lead and manage safety culture.
  • Advocate and demonstrate safety to students, faculty and staff.
  • Annual recognition sent to your supervisor or manager.
  • CO-specific giveaways.


  • Attend all EHS-hosted CO events two or three times a year.         
  • Attend an in-person or online training specific to COs
  • Distribute all safety related announcements to staff.
  • Remain current on all ASU- and EHS-required training.
  • Report questionable activities and unresolved compliance issues to the delegating authority and the EHS director.
  • Report safety hazards or concerns to EHS and your department or unit.
  • Serve as the major source of coordination for safety support activities and the activities of the Policy and Operations Committees.

Senior COs have additional duties and work closely with EHS directors and staff to study and facilitate EHS compliance activities at ASU.

Interested in volunteering yourself or nominating someone else to be a Compliance Officer?

Include the CO's information below. ​

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