Sustainability walking tour request

Sustainability is a philosophy at ASU and we incorporate it into education, operations, outreach and research. ASU is an innovative academic laboratory and demonstration model of sustainable processes and practices.

ASU campuses include a variety of buildings, programs and design elements that embody the university’s aim at being a “living laboratory” for sustainability. The Sustainability Walking Tours highlight several “Sustainability Points of Pride” that exemplify ASU’s effort to incorporate the principles of sustainability into its physical and academic environment.

Monthly tours

Join a group for the free tour. Check out our upcoming monthly tours and sign up to join us.

Virtual tours

Take the tour any time by visiting the Virtual Sustainability tour.

Schedule a private tour

Private tours are offered from October through April. A minimum of 5 attendees are required for a private tour.


Are you sure you do not want to join us on one of our monthly tours and meet some new sustainability friends at the same time?

We are happy to set you up a personal tour, but we find most participants have a really fun time when they get to meet others who are interested in sustainability too.