Thank you for your service.

Sun Devil Award for Service

Congratulations to our faculty and staff for their service to ASU.

This length of service award recognizes all benefits-eligible academic professionals, faculty and staff for continued commitment to ASU. An employee’s service is recognized in five-year increments of employment, such as 5, 10, 15, or 20, through over 50 years of service. 

Service awards are calculated by fiscal year, such as employees who reach a milestone between July 1 and June 30.

  • Length of service acrylic awards are presented at five, ten and fifteen years of service.
  • The service award program has no affiliation to the employee’s retirement program, which is calculated differently.
  • The service award program uses the employee’s benefits service date to determine their years, not the original hire date or seniority date. It is based on their benefits eligibility.
  • Those who complete at least 20 years of continuous service may select a custom milestone acrylic award or gift option.
  • Years of service from the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University or Arizona Board of Regents are not included. This is only for service to ASU.

Milestone acrylics for employees at five, ten or fifteen years are distributed to academic units and departments in November each year. It then falls on your academic unit or department to further distribute them.

Those at 20 years or more will receive a special congratulatory email each year in November. This will direct them to an online catalog to order a custom milestone acrylic or a gift option. You can only choose one. The custom milestone or gift is delivered to the employee’s home address.  

Sun Devil Service Award Luncheon
Faculty and staff are celebrated for their continuous service to ASU at this luncheon hosted by the President's Office. The event also honors those who retire with 25 or more years of continuous service.

Download our Sun Devil Service Award poster. Help us promote and recognize the outstanding service provided by our colleagues.

Recognition presentation tips

How to organize recognition events 

How a recognition award is presented is important and meaningful than the award itself. The service award or gift is a token of appreciation given in recognition of the employee’s ongoing commitment and contributions to Arizona State University. The goal is for the award recipient to feel valued and connected to ASU.

  1. Plan the celebration.
  2. Decide when and where to hold the event.
  3. Obtain an acrylic service award or gift.
  4. Plan for refreshments.
  5. Invite others to attend.
  6. Ask the employee’s supervisor for positive input.
  7. Consider the personality and preferences of the employee being recognized. For example, does the employee prefer to receive recognition in a public setting or a quieter setting with the team?

Prepare a thoughtful presentation that contains the following key information about the employee being honored:

  1. Know how to pronounce the recipient’s name correctly. 
  2. Include employee’s anniversary date and the number of years of service.
  3. Add current job title and responsibilities.
  4. Acknowledge the employee’s ongoing dedication to ASU.
  5. Recognize the highlights of the employee’s contributions and accomplishments.
  6. Link the employee’s contributions to unit and department goals.

How to present awards

Your presentation should be a meaningful celebration that honors the award recipients for their ongoing commitment to ASU. Highlight their individual contributions and show how their accomplishments support department and university goals. Involve peers in the celebration to build camaraderie and a spirit of community. The award recipient should feel valued.