Tent and event rentals

Contract #ASU RFP 251801
ASU has contracted with the following vendors for tent and event rentals:

A Company Inc. dba A Company Portable Restrooms
Email Toni Jones or call 480-633-1200.

AdScope Media LLC
Email Donal Moore or call 586-337-6500.

AZ Bounce Around Inc.
Email Oscar Aguilar or call 480-874-3470 ext. 113. Email Jenna Alton or call 480-874-3470 ext. 117.

Bright Event Rentals LLC dba Classic Party Rentals LLC
Email Skott Fitch or call 602-232-9900.

Creative Communications Sales & Rentals Inc.
Email Pat McCarty or call 602-722-5984.

Entertainment Solutions Inc.
Email Kevin Koziol or call 480-663-0700.

Event Rents LLC
Email Jolene Donnelly or call 480-318-4571.

Fountain Hills Water & Ice
Email Andrew Lang or call 480-593-9998.

Marx Productions Inc.
Email Michael Marx or call 602-437-9300.

Pour Masters Inc. dba Pour Masters Bar Services
Email David Forman or call 602-505-7293.

Pride Group
Email Mike Estrada or call 480-663-3911.

Events Registration: ASU has a software application that supports an online event planning form that is required to schedule events with any one or more of the following attributes:

  • Dignitaries or international guests as participants use of campus grounds.
  • High attendance, generally greater than 40 people, excluding classes.
  • Potential safety concerns.
  • Potentially controversial topic.
  • Elected officials.
  • Use of campus grounds.
  • Use of temporary structures, e.g., tents.

This system will provide safer, well-managed events that the campus and the community can enjoy. Please note that failure to complete the online form may result in event cancellation due to a lack of necessary permits or mandatory security requirements.

The system is easy to use and can be accessed as follows:

After signing in, you will receive instructions for completing the form. Once you complete the form, your information will be distributed through electronic workflow to the proper departments to assist you with any event safety or protocol measures. If more information is needed, the appropriate office will contact you directly.

Email the Office of University Events & Protocol if you have questions about the process or special events at ASU.

View more information about planning events at ASU.

  • Visit the events registration website.
  • Sign in with your ASURITE ID located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Provide all required information.
  • Verify you have received a confirmation email with the correct information.