Gas Services information

All gas cylinder purchases are to go through Materials Management Gas Services per ASU policy PUR 223.

All cylinders, except disposable lecture bottles, have a monthly rental fee due on the first of each month. Unless written notification with the updated account information is given to Gas Services, the cylinder rental fee or demurrage will be charged to the cost center and program, grant, gift or project provided on the requisition. Some specialty gases have higher rental fees. Before ordering a cylinder, Gas Services will notify the purchaser of any additional fees.  

Gas cylinders

Gas Services inventories a selection of regulators, LN2 parts and cylinder carts within FMS. Gas Services does not stock connectors, tubing and fittings. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires a cylinder cap to transport. Replacement cylinder caps are available in FMS. Monthly cylinder demurrage charges will continue to bill until the cylinder is transportable.

Liquid Nitrogen

To gain access to the Liquid Nitrogen automatic dispensing system, you must request a barcoded card for your account. Access FMS, create a goods and services requisition, click on the search catalog and search for the LN2 Card Access Request Form. 

To request a refill of a liquid nitrogen dewar by Gas Services, access FMS. Create a goods and services requisition, then click on the search catalog and search for LN2 Dewar Fill. 

LN2 charges will include the actual amount it takes to fill the container. Depending on the vessel's temperature and other outside environmental factors, the quantity it takes to fill will vary.

Regulator Repairs 

To repair a gas cylinder regulator, contact Brown's Torch and Regulator Repair at 602-278-6556.