Emergency calls on campus

Dial 911 if an emergency occurs on any of the university campuses. 

An emergency requires an immediate response from a police officer, fire department or ambulance personnel. It includes in-progress crimes, motor vehicle accidents, fires, hazardous material spills, severe medical conditions or injuries where an ambulance is required. 

911 should not be used for information, directory assistance, loud noise complaints or prank calls. If 911 lines are misused, it may potentially delay an emergency response for someone who is experiencing a real emergency. 

Reporting an emergency 

Dial 911 to report an emergency where a 911 dispatcher will connect with the call. 

Dispatchers are trained to ask a series of questions to determine the appropriate emergency response. Questions may seem obvious or redundant to the caller but are necessary to ensure that the appropriate type of help is sent to the correct location. 

The dispatcher may take control of the call to obtain essential information first. Their primary goal is to keep everyone safe. 

When talking to a dispatcher, keep the following in mind:

  • An interpreter may be added to the phone call. The caller should identify the language they speak at the start of the call. 
  • Questions a dispatcher may ask relate to how, what, where, who and why of the emergency. Give as much information as possible about the location. If the location provided is different from the 911 mapping system, the dispatcher will send officers to both locations. 
  • Stay on the line even if you are unable to be verbal. The dispatcher will send officers to the location where the call is originating. 
  • The 911 system is equipped with a Telecommunications Device for the Dead. If no sound is heard, the dispatcher will check for a TDD call. To expedite the process, the caller should continuously press the keypad to signal TDD assistance. 

Medical emergency 

If a medical emergency is identified, the dispatcher will transfer the caller to the fire department. The fire department dispatcher will be able to provide medical instruction while the ambulance personnel is responding. The police department will also have personnel respond to these types of calls as needed. 

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