SunRISE help & training

ASU SunRISE training is a two-hour orientation for employees who will use SunRISE to order general commodities for ASU including computers, lab supplies and materials, facilities maintenance products, and more.

Employees attending the SunRISE training will learn to:

  • Search online catalogs and order items from Dell, Grainger, scientific suppliers, and more.

  • Create flexible, easy-to-understand purchase requisitions and purchase orders.

  • Check order status using the approval and workflow process.

  • Perform tasks associated with order approval: approving, rejecting or forwarding requisitions, and more.

SunRISE training is:

  • Strongly recommended for any employee who will be searching catalogs and ordering items.

  • Mandatory for each new "approver" - a user who approves requisitions and submits orders electronically to suppliers. All approvers must be signers in advantage on the agency/org accounts they use in the SunRISE system.

All departments/business units must have at least two individuals trained to use SunRISE - one who orders items: a "Requestor" or "Requestor Coder" is one who searches catalogs and selects items (a requestor coder will also enter the accounting codes for the document) - and one user with the role of "approver".

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