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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Advantage is the financial accounting system used by ASU faculty and staff. Advantage has multiple modules that allow for financial controls used for ordering methods, billing methods, and payment methods to financially manage State, Local, and Sponsored Program research accounts.

The P-Card is a corporate liability card. It looks like, and is used like, a credit card. The P-Card is ASU’s preferred method for purchasing low dollar goods and services that serve a public purpose.

ASU has six methods for small dollar amount purchases, i.e. goods and services totalling less than $5,000:

  • PDLVPO (Departmental Limited Value Purchase Order
  • PV (Requests for Check or Payment Voucher)
  • Employee Reimbursement
  • Petty Cash
  • Internal PO, Quick Turnaround Form
  • Debit Card