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Campus Safety

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Crime Prevention Unit

At the ASU Police Department, campus safety and crime prevention is a function of every department employee. All police officers are capable of discussing proven crime prevention techniques as they interface with community members daily and work with them to resolve their concerns.  Formally, the department's Crime Prevention Unit coordinates educational and experiential programs throughout the year to inform students, faculty and staff of security policies, procedures and practices.





The police department’s mission is "to enhance the quality of life by providing a safe and secure environment through professional and proactive law enforcement services in partnership with the University community."

Programs designed around this mission can be requested by departments, classes, and student organizations. These programs are free and include topics such as personal safety, preventing sexual assault, residence hall security, office security, bicycle safety, home security and workplace violence. More than 50 programs are available for students, faculty and staff.


Campus Safety Information

Alcohol E-CHECKUP: an interactive web survey Emergency Response Guide
Bicycle Registration Marijuana E-CHECKUP
Campus Safety Issues: weapons, threats and violence Safety Awareness Training Videos 
Campus Safety Presentation  Sexual Violence Information
Campus Safety Training: courses list Travel Alert Information
Emergency: campus resources Workplace Violence: what every employee needs to know

Safety Escort Services

  • Tempe campus - This service is provided through Undergraduate Student Government and is available daily from 7 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. A safety escort worker will meet you and escort you by minivan to your on-campus destination. Call 480.965.1515 to arrange for an escort. If Safety Escort Services is unavailable or you need to be escorted outside of these hours, you can call ASU Police at 480.965.3456 to ask for assistance.
  • West campus - Safety escorts are provided by ASU Police, 24 hours a day depending on officer availability and pending calls for service. Contact 602.543.3456 to ask for assistance.
  • Polytechnic campus - Safety escorts are provided by ASU Police, 24 hours a day depending on officer availability and pending calls for service. Contact 480.727.3456 to ask for assistance.
  • Downtown Phoenix campus - Safety escorts are provided by ASU Police Aides, 24 hours a day. Contact 602.496.3456 to ask for assistance.
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