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Public Safety Advisory Committee


Public Safety Advisory Committee

The Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) is an official advisory committee at Arizona State University. The mission of the PSAC is to assure the ASU Police Department remains responsive to the needs of the campuses and local communities and to provide the University Administration with regular input on issues surrounding crime abatement, law enforcement, public safety and emergency preparedness. The major role of the PSAC is advisory and consultative.

The PSAC By-Laws govern the work of the committees.

Typical Functions of PSAC

  • receiving comments & suggestions from the public at large,
  • facilitating communication between relevant parties, especially the ASU Police Department, the campuses & the local communities,
  • offering advice related to crime abatement, law enforcement, public safety & emergency preparedness,
  • supporting measures that enhance the foundations of safety & security upon which the university is built, and
  • reviewing certain complaints against the ASU Police Department and/or their members, examining the relevant circumstances thereof and making recommendations as needed
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