Physical safety

Nov 23, 2020
keyboard cleaning with wipes

Cleaning and disinfection

Each facility will be cleaned and disinfected before reopening the space to ASU community members. Custodial staff will communicate when each area has been disinfected.

Following the initial disinfection process, custodial staff will disinfect high-contact surfaces at least twice daily. Private offices and desks will be cleaned and disinfected once per week. Cleaning supplies will be provided for employees to clean computers, phones and other individual-use desktop equipment.

Only disinfectants registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for COVID-19 may be used to disinfect surfaces. Cleaning with soap and water will enhance disinfection by removing dirt, germs and other impurities from surfaces. Routine disinfection also may be accomplished using either a bleach or alcohol solution per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance.

Care should be used when handling any disinfectant to avoid chemical exposure and contact with incompatible chemicals. ASU will provide training, when available, on proper cleaning and disinfection procedures. ASU also will supply personal protective equipment when a specific cleaning method requires it. Staff must follow manufacturer instructions related to the cleaning process and the use of personal protective equipment.

Certain ASU facilities are not cleaned by custodial staff due to security restrictions, sensitive equipment or hazardous materials. ASU personnel will be provided with cleaning supplies to disinfect the following facility types:

  • Campus shuttles, ASU vehicles and carts.
  • Data and computing centers, technology studios. 
  • Private offices and individual workspaces. 
  • Research laboratories. 
  • Workshop and maintenance areas.

Face covers and physical distancing

Everyone is required to wear a face cover while in ASU buildings and in all ASU outdoor spaces. 

Employees and students will be provided a Community of Care kit upon returning to campus. 

Employee kits will be sent to their assigned mail code and addressed to the Business Operations Managers (BOMs) in each area. BOMs and/or other administrative staff in each area can make them available for pickup or individual distribution as they deem appropriate. For mail codes that are still on hold, Mail Services will deliver when the mail code is reopened. Additional kits for new employees can be ordered in FMS after mass distribution. 

Health screening

The CDC outlines how to conduct daily symptom monitoring before coming to campus:

  1. Do you feel ill or sick?

  2. Do you have a fever?

  3. Have you had known close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 and have been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by a public health authority or by a healthcare provider?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, contact your primary health care provider for guidance before coming to campus. Wear a face covering to avoid further spread of illness. If you are an employee, notify your supervisor anytime you are not able to report to work.

Other personal protective equipment

Employees working in specific areas, such as healthcare, public safety, or research settings, will be provided additional PPE, such as face shields, gloves, gowns, respirators, safety glasses and surgical masks as needed.

Personal hygiene and hand sanitizer

The Community of Care training for employees provides personal hygiene training, such as hand washing, hand sanitizer use, coughing and sneezing appropriately, and other public health measures to prevent disease spread.

Hand sanitizer stations will be located in strategic locations throughout each campus. Strategic locations include all buildings on every level, and especially at athletic facilities, auditoriums, classrooms, computing areas, dance studios, dining areas, elevators, libraries, main entrances and other congregation areas and areas with high-touch surfaces. Hand sanitizer also will be provided in campus shuttles, disability resources carts and ASU vehicles. Hand sanitizer dispensing stations placement will account for local fire and life-safety code requirements.

Custodial staff will be responsible for placing, maintaining and refilling hand sanitizer dispensing stations in areas they serve. Building management or area personnel will be responsible for maintaining hand sanitizers in areas not served by custodial staff. The Facilities Maintenance department will assist campus personnel with installing dispensing stations and refilling containers.

In addition to dispensing stations, bottles of hand sanitizer will be located in high-use areas at ASU Health Services, athletics facilities, dance studios, executive and departmental offices, fitness centers, the Memorial Union, Student Services, testing centers and others. 

Additional questions

ASU has experts providing evidence-based guidance for keeping students, faculty and staff safe on campus.
Visit the COVID-19 FAQ or fall 2020 webpages for more details. Please email us about facilities and
operational questions. All ASU employees must take the Community of Care training for employees.