Phased work plan

Aug 31, 2020
ASU employees wearing face coverings and showing physical distancing

Continued remote work

Units may elect to keep their entire staff, or a significant majority, working remotely until further notice during the return process. This decision requires dean or vice president-level approval.

Phased Return | Planned and approved by each dean and vice president

Re-entry of staff will occur gradually as health and safety conditions improve per U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health guidance. The executive committee will provide direction as to when it is appropriate to move between phases. Faculty re-entry is covered below.

Leaders of different units in shared workplaces should coordinate on the phased re-entry plan.

Finally, leaders should familiarize themselves with all elements of the campus facilities, cleaning and spacing plans in the campus facilities plan, so that they can make an informed assessment of the safety of their physical space.

Phase One

For reasons already described, there should be no more than roughly 30% of your staff on-site at any given time during this early phase. Department leadership should consider a mix of the following employees to bring back:

  • Members of your current essential workforce who have already been on campus
  • An appropriate level of unit leadership/supervision to provide direction on increased operations and to assess the physical space.
  • Employees whose presence is necessary to prepare for the fall semester.
  • Employees who have been able to perform only partial duties remotely and whose presence on campus can bring them back to full productivity.
  • Key employees whose presence on campus is preferred to support critical teaching, research, project or relationship management.
  • Employees who have expressed a desire to return to ASU locations. Such decisions will be made by supervisors taking into consideration the institution’s needs and the employee’s concerns. 

Phase Two

After an assessment of local and ASU pandemic containment, and a review of general campus safety, the executive committee will guide deans and vice presidents on the timing of the continued return of:

  • Additional employees previously defined from Phase One.
  • Other staff who have been working remotely, as prioritized by individual supervisors.

Phase Three

After assessing the local and ASU pandemic containment, and a review of general campus safety, the executive committee will guide deans and vice presidents on the timing of the continued return of staff.

Work schedule considerations

There are several options departments should consider to maintain required physical distancing measures and reduce population density within buildings and workspaces as employees return.

Alternating workdays

Consider using alternating work schedules if you have space limitations. For example, have part of your returned staff work on campus on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and have another group work on Tuesday and Thursday. Alternating weeks between two groups can also be an option. Saturday or Sunday as workdays and 4-day workweeks may be other options.

Staggered start and stop times

The beginning and end of the workday typically bring many people together at common entry/exit points of buildings. You may want to consider staggering the workday, changing starting and departing times to prevent congestion at entry and exit doors. Find more information in the campus facilities plan.

Additional faculty guidelines

All faculty should minimize their time on campus as much as possible.

  • Faculty who are not teaching during the Fall term should continue to work remotely if at all possible.
  • Office hours should be held remotely. 
  • Faculty who lack a designated office space should speak to their chair, director or dean about options for their time on campus.
  • Faculty who share office space should try to schedule time with their office mates to minimize the number of people present at any given time.
  • Faculty should clean their workspaces using the materials provided. This includes chairs, desks, keyboards, phones, etc.
  • Faculty who work in labs or studio spaces should follow the protocols established by their units and colleges.

Additional questions

ASU has experts providing evidence-based guidance for keeping students, faculty and staff safe on campus.
Visit the COVID-19 FAQ or fall 2020 webpages for more details. Please email us about facilities and
operational questions. All ASU employees must take the Community of Care training for employees.