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Protect Yourself Against the Flu

ASU students, faculty and staff can protect their health by washing hands, coughing into your arm instead of your hand and staying home when you are sick. They should also get the seasonal flu vaccine each fall as this provides the greatest amount of protection for seasonal flu cases that tend to peak in the winter and early spring.

ASU has a robust pandemic flu plan that was put into action during the H1N1 pandemic, which was declared to be in its post-pandemic phase by the World Health Organization in August of 2010. The plan proved invaluable in providing a blueprint of actions that were utilized at ASU to limit the impact  of H1N1 on the ASU community.

Pandemic flu epidemics are characterized by the worldwide spread of a flu virus for which there is little or no immunity in the human population. Pandemics have occurred throughout the last century with the worst occurring in 1918.