Materials and supplies

Sep 22, 2020

Ordering supplies

Departments can order COVID-19 supplies, such as face coverings, face shields, gloves and hand sanitizer from the ASU Materials Management inventory via Workday

Orders can be placed by creating a Workday requisition, selecting "Goods and Services" and searching the ASU Materials Management catalog using the keyword "COVID." All available supplies will appear with a description and photo. 

Contact Materials Management for assistance. 

Facilities supplies

Contact ASU Facilities for hand sanitizing stations, janitorial needs, and Plexiglas. Use these guidelines to determine whether a Plexiglas wellness shield is necessary:

  1. Does the desk face the public for interactions with those outside the department?

  2. Do those public interactions exceed five per hour?

  3. Is the nature of the interactions such that 6 feet of physical distance cannot be maintained regularly?

You must order all Plexiglas from the Maintenance Operations Management team via an online service request.

Consult with your communications group about signage and work with the ASU Print Lab for ASU-approved directional floor stickers and signs.

P-Card use

Before you order with a P-Card, check the ASU Materials Management inventory for availability. Please order items from the inventory via Workday.

If needed supplies are not in the Materials Management inventory, please confirm that the needed supplies are not on the restricted list. If the necessary supplies are not on the restricted list, you may use the P-Card if the purchase is under $10,000.


Additional questions

ASU has experts providing evidence-based guidance for keeping students, faculty and staff safe on campus.
Visit the COVID-19 FAQ or fall 2020 webpages for more details. Please email us about facilities and
operational questions. All ASU employees must take the Community of Care training for employees.