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Temporary Employment Staffing


These companies are currently under
the State contract:

Corporate Job Bank Personnel Services
Contract #: EPS070043-3


Kelly Temporary Services
Contract #: EPS070043-10


Contract #: EPS070043-16

Tim Halder
602.200.3911 FAX

Contract #: EPS070043-12


When is a temporary employee paid?
Outside temporary staffing employees are generally paid each week. It is best to check in the contract or with your temporary agency representative for information on things like time cards and payday.

How does the department pay the Temporary Employment Agency?
To make a payment, use a purchase order (determine the dollars needed based on length of assignment and funding available) and generate a purchase order number. For further information log on to the Purchasing Goods and Services website.

When the invoice(s) arrive from the temporary employment agency, check for accuracy, date stamp, initial and write the complete Purchase Order number (PO#) on the invoice. Use a payment voucher (PV) attached to the invoice if a purchase order is not required.

Send the temporary agency's invoice properly coded to Accounts Payable.

Are parking permits provided for temporary employees?
No, all employees are required to purchase a parking permit on or before their start date of employment. Prior to contracting with a temporary agency, the department should determine the party responsible for the cost.
Parking and Transit Services - Decal Sales

Who should be contacted if a temporary employee does not report to work or is not a good fit for the position?
Contact the contracted outside temporary staffing agency representative if you have questions or comments.

Are the State and Maricopa County vendor contracts online?
No, not any more. Maricopa County has switched to an online registration system.
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