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independent contractor faqs

FAQ for Independent Contractors


SPP 210 Consultants/Independent Contractors

FIN 421–01 Guest Lecturers, Consultants
& Other Independent Contractors

FIN 425–04 Nonresident Alien
Independent Contractors

PUR 202 Contract Signature Authority

PUR 305–01 Bidding Requirements
for Procurements Costing Less than $35,000

PUR 305-2 Bidding Requirements for Procurements Costing At Least $35,000
but Less than $50,000

PUR 306–01 Bidding Requirements
for Procurements Costing $35,000 or More

How do I purchase the services of an independent contractor?
Refer to the independent contractor policies listed at right under Related Policies.

How can I determine if an independent contractor is really needed?
Consider using an independent contractor when a service or expertise is not available at ASU and is required to conduct university business.

What options are available to departments when an independent contractor is not appropriate?
The following are all alternatives to hiring an independent contractor:

Your HR Consultant can advise departments on which of these alternatives is most appropriate based on your situation.

What forms do I need to submit to Payables and Reimbursements and where can I access them?
Payments of more than $500 per calendar year per recipient require these forms (Payments of less than $500 can omit the Employee/Independent Contractor Determination Checklist):

How do I make payments to NAU, UA or state employees?
ASU cannot pay employees of other State of Arizona agencies for services they perform. Rather, payment must go to the agency that will then pay the person supplemental or additional pay through the payroll process.

Please contact your payroll department at  ASK HR for assistance. Typically, a "letter of understanding" or other written agreement between the two agency payroll departments is needed to substantiate the payment. If the amounts are relatively small, a detailed invoice is sufficient documentation.

Can an active ASU employee be an independent contractor?
No. If a person currently works for ASU, he or she should be paid through the payroll system using the online payroll correction form by logging into PeopleSoft. Individuals who are not currently on payroll, but have worked for ASU within the last twelve months also will generally be treated as employees.


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