Business and Finance.

Vendor Set-up

New Vendors

A Vendor Entry (VE) document needs to be processed if the vendor is currently not set up in the Advantage Vendor Tables. Instructions on creating and processing a VE document can be found in the Ordering Documents Printable Instruction Booklet. Once the VE entry is complete, fax or campus-mail a screen-print of the VE document along with the accepted backup documentation to:

Advantage Helpline
Financial Services
Phone: 480.965.2334
Fax: 480.965.2625
Mail Code: 5812
Hours: 8am-Noon, 1-5pm, MON-FRI


All ASU-Affiliated Individuals (Faculty, Staff, and Students) are entered on the Vendor Table using their ten-digit Affiliate ID number. ASU employees are required to use their department name and mail code rather than their home address. ASU students may use either their department name and mail code or their home address.



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