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Vendor Setup

New Vendors

The Advantage Helpline is responsible for processing new vendors and making changes to existing vendors.

A Vendor Entry (VE) document must be processed if the vendor is not set up in the Advantage Vendor Tables. Instructions on creating and processing a VE document are in the Vendor Entry Document booklet. Once an entry is complete, the requesting department must email, fax or send via campus mail a copy of the VE and accepted backup documentation to the Advantage Helpline. Do not send documents containing Social Security Numbers via email.

The standard processing time for vendor entries is 24 hours after the requesting department submits the VE document and backup to the Advantage Helpline. Please allow this period before inquiring about the status of vendor documents. A department can check the vendor tables (VEN2 by vendor number and VNAS by vendor sort name) to determine if a vendor entry has been processed. If the vendor is not on the vendor tables or you have questions regarding your vendor entry, please contact the Advantage Helpline. VE documents will not be processed until all requirements are satisfied.

All ASU-affiliated individuals are entered on the vendor table using their 10-digit Affiliate ID number. Employees must use their department name and mail code. Students may use either their department name and mail code or their home address.


Contact the Advantage Helpline

Phone: 480-965-2334
Fax: 480-965-2625
Mail Code: 5812

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