COVID-19 parking

Since I am now teleworking and not using ASU parking services, will parking deductions still be taken out of my paycheck?

Employees who purchase parking permits receive a pre-tax benefit on their paychecks. The payroll deductions are not dependent upon whether employees park on campus during any specific pay period.

ASU maintains fixed costs to run parking and transportation operations despite COVID-19, which includes the following:

  • Ensure that intercampus shuttles, non-parking-related services, and other contractual partnerships remain operational.
  • Maintain all parking lots and garages.
  • Preserve debt service payments on bonds and new construction.
  • Secure facility operations to support essential employees and the university.

Continued permit payments help ASU fulfill its educational mission to our students and the communities we serve. ASU appreciates the understanding and adaptability of our employees as we navigate the unprecedented effects of COVID-19.

Visit the ASU COVID-19 webpage and search “parking” for additional information.