Business and Finance.

Strategic Tracking, Analysis and Reporting System (STAR)

STAR is ASU's Strategic Tracking Analysis and Reporting system.  It centralizes data for budget and reporting, and provides an infrastructure for the budget process.  Users can utilize its powerful "slice and dice" capability to generate management and ad-hoc reports for analysis and day-to-day reporting.  BPC for Excel (Business Planning and Consolidation) is developed by SAP and is the underlying technology for STAR.

This system has the look and feel of MS Excel, but contains live financial summary and budget data in four models (data sets): Financial, Transfers, Salary, and Planning to suit various reporting and budgeting needs. STAR financial data is updated daily through feeds from the ASU data warehouse.  Quarterly forecasts and budget data are input by end users throughout the year and during ASU's budget input cycle each Spring as announced by the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB).

Questions can be directed to STAR Administrators (Susan Belhassen-Wynn and Tod Kemper) though e-mail at or by phone at 480.727.0669.

Access STAR

STAR Classes: Training Schedule

If you are a STAR user, you have received an email with the class schedule.  It is also posted in the Blackboard course.  If you have not received the schedule, then you are not on the STAR user email distribution list (and thus probably not a STAR user - see below if that is the case).  If you feel this is in error, or if you are a STAR user and need the schedule re-sent, please contact STAR Admin at 

Classes will continue to be developed for Blackboard online course offerings and also STAR for Technical Support Staff.

To register for a class, you must already be an existing STAR user.  (Otherwise, you have no STAR access, which would render a class moot.)  Registration instructions are included in the email that you received if you are a STAR user.

If you are not yet a STAR user but think that you should be (consider if you are involved in your area's budget process), you should contact your budget unit's SFA (Senior Fiscal Administrator) who must request access for you (see next section below). Your access request needs to come from your area's SFA or designated budget office liaison.


Requesting  New STAR User

If you are an SFA, please send an email to your Office of Planning and Budget Analyst and cc: STAR Admin ( with the following information to add for your new user:  name, asuriteID and which application the new user needs access to.  This provides basic read-only access for all areas of the university.  If your STAR user will be inputting budgets, we'll also need to know which rollup or account they'll need write access for, so please include that information as well, if necessary.

If you have questions about this process, please send an email to us at or call us at 480.727.0669.



General STAR Documentation & Instruction


     STAR Budget system Blackboard Course


All STAR Documentation and Instruction can now be found on the STAR_Budget_System Blackboard course.  STAR Users can use the Blackboard link from within their MyASU dashboard and should find the course in the My Courses section.  If you are a STAR user who is unable to access the course, please contact STAR Admin.  The Blackboard course is private and as such, STAR users are automatically enrolled by STAR Admin only.

Note:  We are now on version EPM10 of STAR and are no longer using the old 7.5 version that used to connect via Citrix.  The new EPM10 requires that a piece of software (the EPM Add-in) be installed into each end user's workstation.  Step-by-step instructions are available in the EPM10 Training --> Getting Started section of the STAR_Budget_System Blackboard Course.

In addition to the Blackboard course, budget process documentation can also be found at the Office of Planning and Budget's webpage for Budget Development Resources.