BPG - Position management

HR department code changes

HR Department Code changes are made through the Create/Modify Position screen in PeopleSoft. To successfully run the PeopleSoft payroll interface to Workday, it is necessary to lock down HR Department Code changes for a specified timeframe each pay period.

Changes to department codes on filled positions are locked down for six business days between when the payroll process first begins (Thursday night) until the evening of the following Friday (payday) when the distribution process is complete. This lockdown applies to department code changes with an effective date before or within the payroll currently being processed. During this period, departments may enter department code changes on filled positions for a future payroll, vacant positions and new positions. If there is no department code change, a department may submit position transactions. Once the distribution process is confirmed, departments may enter department code changes on positions with an effective date for the recently distributed payroll.

HR Position Funding Changes

A position’s Worktag mapping dictates where payroll expenditures post and payroll budgets are encumbered. The Worktag mapping is initially assigned when a position is created. Current and prior fiscal year Worktag mapping setups can be viewed on the PeopleSoft Position Cross-Reference screen, under the Distribution History link on the Position Cross Reference tab. See the following section for navigation and more detail regarding Position Cross-Reference.

Changes to a position’s Worktag mapping are made through the PeopleSoft Maintain Position Accounting screen. You can access this screen via the following navigation path: ASU Customizations > ASU HCM Custom > ASU Position Management > Maintain Position Accounting.

  • Enter the position number.
  • Click Continue.

  • Enter the effective date that the new accounting distribution will take effect.
  • Click Continue.

  • If there was a prior effective dated row, all required fields are carried over and prepopulated.
  • To add position funding, complete the Typical (Default) Distribution section in one of two ways: if Program is the Driver Worktag, select the Cost Center first, then Program. Otherwise, select the Project, Gift or Grant Driver Worktag first, which will auto-populate the Cost Center. Additional Worktags—Dept Reporting Roll, Dept Reporting, ASU Audit, and Academic Employee—are not required, but may be selected at the department’s discretion.
  • Hit the “+” button to add additional Workday accounts (i.e., Worktag combinations) to the position funding. Combined distribution percentage between all accounts must equal 100%.
  • Enter the budget department ID, which should match the position and job department ID. Failing to do so may cause errors with the payroll distribution process.
  • Click Save and Submit.

  • You will receive the confirmation screen.
  • Click Return.

Commencing on the effective date entered, all payroll expenditures for the position will be attributed to the Worktags the department submitted. Future-dated accounting distributions can be setup through the end of the fiscal year. The position distribution in effect at year-end is rolled over to the subsequent fiscal year, where a 7/1/YYYY line is created by a PeopleSoft process run towards the end of June by the Commitment Accounting team. Keeping accounting distributions updated is imperative to ensure that payroll expenses post properly, encumbrances are accurate, and to minimize correcting entries between Worktags.

Earnings-specific earnings codes

The optional earnings-specific distribution section may be used to stipulate the driver and additional Worktags used to fund a specific earnings code. The processing of Vacation Payouts is one example of when this section is used. All vacation and compensatory payouts must be charged to ASU’s Centralized Vacation Payout account (CC0004, PG03070). When setting up a vacation or compensatory time payout, fill out the earnings-specific codes section of the Maintain Position Accounting screen for the related position. Use an Effective Date of the beginning of the pay period the termination date falls within. Specify the earnings code of VPO (vacation payout) or CTP (compensatory payout) and enter CC0004 under Cost Center and PG03070 under program for the required driver Worktags. Filling in this information will result in the expense for the vacation and compensatory payout to be charged to ASU’s centralized vacation payout account.

Position Cross-Reference

Use the PeopleSoft Position Cross-Reference screen to view a position’s HR details and the Cost Center and Worktag combination funding information. Access this screen via the following navigation path: ASU Customizations > ASU HCM Custom > ASU Position Management > Position Cross-Reference. The following security roles have access to the Position Cross-Reference screen: HCM Dept Position View, HCM Dept Position Manager, & HCM Dept Financial Manager.

Use the home screen to search for the desired position/employee. The searchable fields include position, business unit, department, job code, short description, employee ID and name.

Once a position is selected, the Position Cross-Reference tab provides an incumbent listing, submitted front end staging data (i.e., pending position changes), and position details (such as dept ID, reports to, job code, etc.).

Clicking the Position Data Details link will provide further specifics about the position (FTE, STD HRs, Workers Comp Code, etc.).

To view position funding, click Fiscal Year Distribution. This will show the Cost Center and Worktag combination funding the position along with the effective date. It will also display the funding for any earnings-code-specific distributions.

The Position Accounting Cross-Reference tab is a position-specific commitment accounting screen that includes per employee totals for fiscal year-to-date payroll expenses, redistributions that have been processed, and the current encumbrance balance.

Commitment Accounting Cross-Reference

With the implementation of Workday, the Commitment Accounting Cross-Reference screen will no longer exist in PeopleSoft. At this time, there is no plan to replace the screen. Information related to payroll expenditures, encumbrances and redistributions by Worktag can be obtained from multiple departmental reports in Workday. A MyReports query is being developed to help departments identify positions mapped to Workday accounts (i.e., Cost Center and other Worktag combinations). The website will be updated, detailing the query when constructed.