Violations and sanctions

Violations and sanctions

Arizona State University makes the following reasonable presumptions:

  • If anyone with the same address as the registered owner(s) is determined to be associated with the university, then that person is presumed to be the operator of the vehicle receiving a parking citation and is responsible for the said citation.
  • The person(s) obtaining a valid ASU permit is responsible for all citations issued to each vehicle registered to that permit or any vehicle displaying that permit.
  • The registered owner of a vehicle will be responsible for all citations issued to that vehicle if no other person at that address is determined to be associated with the university.
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PTS encourages students, faculty, staff and guests of the university who plan to park on campus to be familiar with and to act under university parking rules and regulations. It is necessary for PTS to enforce these regulations, in some cases, to the extent of booting or towing violators, to ensure a safe campus parking environment and to provide appropriate parking accommodations for paying customers. The most effective way to avoid having a vehicle booted or towed is to adhere to all posted regulations and pay for, or appeal, citations promptly.

Additionally, please be aware of the following regulations:

  • PTS has the authority to relocate or tow any vehicle in an emergency.
  • A dean’s referral may also be issued for students who commit the violations described below or accumulate excessive citations in violation of campus parking regulations.
  • Vehicles are subject to being booted or towed at any time for:
    • Having $160 or more in unpaid parking citations on the account.
    • Parking in an accessible parking stall without the proper permit.
    • Parking and leaving a vehicle in a red emergency lane.
  • PTS reserves the right to immediately tow vehicles off ASU owned or leased property for the following reasons:
    • Displaying a lost, stolen, altered or counterfeit permit. Parking permits are the property of ASU. PTS reserves the right to request that the permit be forfeited immediately, and the individual may be subject to additional administrative sanctions—i.e., dean referral, refusal of parking services and other fines.
    • Tailgating. Unauthorized entry or exit into or out of a parking structure without the proper permit or avoiding payment.
    • Not displaying a license plate, VIN or another form of identification, including intentional concealment of the VIN.
    • Parking in a closed or barricaded lot or removal of barricade equipment.
    • Unauthorized parking in a reserved parking stall or area.
    • Unauthorized parking on a campus mall, sidewalk or near a campus building.
    • Failing to move a vehicle during the seven business day payment or appeals grace period following a tow warning.
    • Remaining 24 hours after being booted under ARS 151627.
    • Vehicles that have received a boot or tow warning and exceed $300 in parking fines beyond the warning pay period will be towed onsite, or vehicles that have accumulated $160 in parking fines and the registered owner is identified as not being affiliated with the university.
  • If a vehicle is booted or towed, the owner can:
    • Pay the citations and resulting tow fees to PTS and then retrieve the vehicle.
    • A boot processing fee results in a minimum fine of $100 and accumulates with each boot after that.
    • A tow processing fee is $95.
    • Account balances are to be paid in full to the PTS Dispatch Office. PTS accepts cash, and American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. Owners of vehicles that have been booted or towed will be required to provide state or federal issued photo ID and proof of vehicle registration. Upon receipt of payment for all outstanding account balances and related towing charges, the vehicle will be released to the owner.
    • Let the vehicle remain in the tow yard where additional storage fees will accumulate in addition to the unpaid parking and related towing charges.
      • If full payment is not received by the time of the tow, outstanding account balances will continue to accumulate. A $25 storage fee will be added after every 24-hour cycle until the account is paid in full and the vehicle is released. Vehicles that are not retrieved within a reasonable period of time are subject to becoming the property of the tow yard.
  • After an account has been paid in full and the vehicle has been released, an owner may request an appeal for citations issued within the previous seven days. Fees associated with the boot or tow may not be appealed. Hearings cannot be guaranteed to be scheduled on the same day.
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Signs posted at all lots and reserved spaces constitute notice that parking is controlled by these regulations and warning that violators shall be subject to sanctions. Parking in violation of these regulations will result in the impoundment of the vehicle. The vehicle will be released only after payment of the towing service charge, storage, and impoundment fee, as well as any outstanding parking citations due to ASU Parking and Transit Services. Photo ID and proof of vehicle ownership are required.

Additional penalties and sanctions

Violators of parking regulations, including those who avoid or neglect to pay outstanding parking fines, shall be subject to additional penalties and sanctions including, but not limited to:

  • Code of Conduct sanctions.
  • Disciplinary probation.
  • Encumbrance of academic records.
  • Loss of ASU privileges, including parking.
  • Oral or written reprimand.
  • Salary withholding.
  • Suspension from ASU.
  • Termination of employment.
  • Vehicle impoundment.

Repeat offenders

Repeat offenders who habitually violate the same parking regulation(s) are subject to escalating fine amounts.

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Violation code and fine schedule

Violation code and fine schedule


The following situations constitute violations of ASU’s parking rules and regulations for which the stated sanctions can be imposed. Please note that fine amounts escalate for some violations as additional violations are incurred. For example, the fine amount for a first-time violation may be $0, then increase to $30 on the second violation, then up to $50 or more than $100 on the third or fourth violation. Below are the violations and their related fine amounts:

 Violation descriptionFirst citationSecond citationThird citationFourth citation
Code 1Failure to pay a fee$0 or $15$25$50$100
Code 2No ASU permit$0 or $30$50$50$100
Code 3Improper use of permit$0$30$50$75
Code 4Improper or failure to display a permit$0$0$20$20
Code 5Improper parking$30$50$75$100
Code 6Loading zone violation$50$75$100$200
Code 7Reserved stall violation$100$150$175$200
Code 8Service vehicle stall$100$150$175$250
Code 9ADA violation$300$300$400$500
Code 10No carpool permit$0$30$30$100
Code 11Alternative fuel stall$0$30$50$75
Code 12Campus mall violation$100$100$100$250
Code 13Emergency lane violation$150$200$250$250
  ASU Service vehicle violations
Code 20University vehicle violation$0$0$0$0
Code 21No ASU Service vehicle permit displayed$0$0$0$280
  Non-appealable fines
Code 30Unauthorized entry or exit$150$200$250$250
Code 31Altered, counterfeit, lost, or stolen permit$300Required to purchase a permit at full value.
Code 32Relocation fee$75$100$200$200
Code 35Boot or tow warning$0N/AN/AN/A
Code 36Tailgating boot or tow warning$0N/AN/AN/A
Code 40Impound Fee$100$150$200$250
Code 41Tow storage fee$1.00**$25 per day escalation per tow company.
TDSTampering, damaging, or stealing university property$700Each piece of equipment.


*WARN = Manual warning issued only to a vehicle that has no prior ASU account history
*Code 35 – Seven-day tow warning when the account is over $160
*Code 36 – Three-day tow warning issued when the account has a Code 30

*The Tailgating, or Gate-Running, Policy is to deter vehicles from entering or exiting a parking structure by driving directly behind a valid vehicle entering or exiting the structure on the same gate cycle. For a new gate cycle to commence, the arm of the gate must lower ultimately before initiating it to rise again either with one’s permit or by pulling a ticket (to enter) or with one’s permit, inserting the paid-for hourly ticket or rendering payment (upon exiting). Tailgating is usually done by persons without a valid permit or gate card or permit holders who have lost their access card and are attempting to enter or exit the parking structure without authorization or payment. This is a safety hazard and is also considered a theft of services. Violators endanger themselves and the vehicle they are tailgating behind and risk possible damage to the parking equipment. A dean’s referral may be issued for students who commit this violation. University employees may be reported to their supervisors, college dean or vice president for violation of Employee Conduct and Work Rules, SPP 801. Please report abuse to 480-965-0641.

+ Additional administrative sanctions may be assessed including but not limited to referral to the dean of students, referral to Office of Human Resources, full permit value, or costs for replacement or repair of parking equipment.

1 The vehicle may be immediately impounded per the Parking and Transit Boot and Tow Policy.

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