Unless the context dictates otherwise, the following definitions apply to these regulations:

Cross-parking: A privilege that allows ASU permit holders to park outside their assigned structure, lot or zone in identified cross-parking locations. Some permits are not eligible to cross-park, and each ASU campus has designated lots or zones in which cross-parking is allowed. In the evening and non-peak hours, additional lots and zones may be available.

Decal, parking permit, pass or permit: An original graphic design or label created annually and issued by ASU PTS authorizing person parking privileges on ASU property in a designated lot or area. The following may also be referred to as a permit in these  regulations:

  • Day pass, scratch-off, temporary permit or event pass.
  • Virtual permit. In designated lots, ASU PTS allows for paperless parking by utilizing the vehicle’s license plate as the authorization to grant parking privileges.

Disabled-accessible stall: Parking space prominently outlined, posted sign, international disabled symbol or blue curb.

Gate access card: A card issued to permit holders by PTS for access into an assigned, leased or gate-controlled parking lot. It may be used only once in a 15-minute interval and will not allow access to any other lot.

Holidays: Ten designated calendar dates when the entire university closes. The holidays include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, plus one additional day. It does not include class breaks, e.g., spring break.

Impoundment: Immobilizing or booting for violation of these regulations.

Impoundment fee: A monetary charge imposed by ASU for impoundment in addition to towing service and storage charge.

Parking: A vehicle that has ceased to move, whether attended or unattended.

Parking stall: A space marked by white or yellow painted parallel lines for parking a vehicle.

Pay-as-you-go parking: Hourly parking options in designated parking locations where payment is required via pay-by-app, single-space meters, multi-space meters, automated pay stations or other payment options.

PTS: Abbreviation for the Parking and Transit Services department.

Towing: Relocating or towing a vehicle to an alternative location on campus or off-site, which may also incur storage charges.

Transit, Platinum or U-Pass: An original graphic design, label or card created annually and issued by PTS authorizing an ASU student, faculty or staff transit privileges on most Valley Metro buses and light rail.

Visitors: Persons that do not have a permit or are not affiliated with the university.

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