Tempe campus visitors to pay for weekend parking structure use

Effective July 16, 2022, ASU Tempe campus visitors must pay for parking garage access during the weekends. All permit holders can access their assigned garage on weekends without additional fees. 

Please email Parking and Transit Services for ASU departments that require special-event parking on the weekends. 

Garage access has typically been open on non-event weekends. Due to more activity around the Tempe campus over the past few years, more weekend visitors use our garages. 

A 24/7 garage-access operation includes the following benefits: 

  • Allows better tracking of weekend activity across campus. 
  • Helps cover garage maintenance and repairs expenses, upgraded technology and other program enhancements. 
  • Improves event planning.
  • Provides additional accountability within campus parking facilities. 

Email PTS or call 480-965-6124 with questions for more information.