Amazon home delivery for ASU faculty and researchers

Mar 30, 2020

Arizona State University employees who are telecommuting due to the COVID-19 outbreak may continue to order supplies via the Financial Management System for home delivery from existing ASU Sunrise catalogs.

ASU faculty and researchers who are unable to find appropriate materials in the existing catalogs may order from Amazon’s public website for home delivery. Amazon purchases below $250 are pre-approved. Orders that exceed $250 require approval from the department’s business operations manager.

Faculty and researchers may use an ASU P-Card or personal credit card for purchases. Departmental budget managers will receive notice about all home delivery orders made with a P-Card. Both P-Card and personal credit card purchases will need to follow existing reconciliation and reimbursement processes.

All unconsumed materials must be returned to ASU.

Contact ASU Procurement with home-delivery questions via email or call 480-965-2160.